A High Tech Intellectual Property Practice

NK Patent is an established Intellectual Property boutique Law Firm that helps start-up businesses, established companies and universities protect their patent, trademark, and intellectual property assets. NK Patent Law assists in building expansive portfolios that position businesses or assets well for acquisition or competitive advantage within the marketplace. The firm’s experienced and enthusiastic attorneys serve clients from Silicon Valley to the Southeast, with offices in the Triad and Triangle of North Carolina.



Our goal is to ensure your Intellectual Property protections reflect your business goals and ensure that you receive the broadest coverage possible, while focusing on assets that can be asserted and enforced to protect market share. We focus on surveying and researching existing art to assess feasibility and likelihood of success of intellectual property protections; drafting claims and preparing drawings for application filing; and prosecuting applications before both the USPTO and international intellectual property offices. Our professionals provide over 100 years of combined experience, and have assisted many companies to successful exits where the intellectual property was considered a core asset in the valuation of the company.

IP Agreements

Our team of professionals have significant experience in a variety of IP agreement matters. This experience comes from years of in-house experience, or working closely with the private equity and venture capital community in investments and acquisitions and divestitures.As changes occur among businesses involved in technological research and development, questions pertaining to the ownership of intellectual property inevitably arise. It is crucial to establish IP agreements that clearly define rights and to whom they accrue, as well as the fees associated with those rights. The IP chain of title must be properly documented to secure investments, and to provide representations and warranties as to IP ownership.


NK Patent Law conducts trademark searches and prepares, files and prosecutes trademark applications both domestically and internationally. We align your business goals with your trademark filings to guide trademark registration, assist with trademark licensing agreements, and ensure appropriate international trademark protection.