We Make IP Work for You

NK Patent Law helps start-up businesses, established companies and universities protect their patent, trademark & IP assets. We assist in building expansive portfolios that position businesses or assets well for acquisition or competitive advantage within the marketplace. The firm’s experienced and enthusiastic attorneys serve clients from Silicon Valley to the Southeast, with offices in the Triad and Triangle of North Carolina.



Our goal is to ensure your claims reflect your business goals and ensure that you receive the broadest coverage possible. We focus on surveying and researching existing art to assess feasibility and likelihood of success of intellectual property protections; drafting claims and preparing drawings for patent application filing; and prosecuting patent applications before both the USPTO and international patent offices. Our team can assist and advise you throughout the patent registration process, with experience spanning the full gambit of patent prosecution services. We provide the amount of legal work our clients want and need, laying out the path ahead and what’s required to help ensure the financial viability of your product. We even advise on your competitor’s intellectual property protections and how best to navigate around those protections.

IP Agreements

An intellectual property agreement is a contract establishing a partnership between the IP owner and a licensee or assignee to whom the contract grants specific rights. NK Patent Law can help you structure conveyance of rights to your intellectual property or help you as a licensee reduce royalty obligations under IP agreements, ensuring questions of ownership do not obstruct transfer of IP rights during a merger or acquisition, and that future questions can be definitively settled.


Registering a trademark or service mark provides strong protection from infringement, allowing for longevity of the business or product and opportunity for future financial exploitation of association in the marketplace and consumer goodwill through licensing or expansion. Trademark services provided by NK Patent Law can ensure your ability to maintain your product, service or business names and avoid usurpation of your lawful rights by others.