NK Patent Law has particular expertise with nuclear related technologies, including nuclear energy generation and isotope generation for medical and regulatory fields. Our clients in this space include preeminent research organizations, universities, and private companies.

Dr. Brian MacDonald earned a PhD from the Georgia Tech through research in experimental nuclear physics conducted at many U.S. national laboratories, traveling with international teams of scientists. At Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), Brian assembled, calibrated and operated complex arrays of gamma-ray and particle detectors. He worked directly with the world’s first segmented germanium clover array and helped commission the Recoil Mass Spectrometer (RMS) of ORNL, the most advanced heavy-ion mass spectrometer of its time. He also worked extensively with high-vacuum systems and nitrogen and helium cooling systems. Prior to these experiences, Dr. MacDonald manufactured radioactive calibration standards, automated electron-beam welding procedures for their manufacture, and coded software for controlling robotic remote manipulators.