Our Trademark team is experienced in trademark prosecution matters in both the United States and abroad.  Trademarks are the source identifier to which customers associate a name with a product. Registering a trademark or service mark provides protection of a company name, product name, or service names and is a process best navigated by a trademark attorney.  The registration remains in force so long as the mark is continued to be used in interstate commerce, and appropriate trademark renewal statements and associated fees are timely filed.

Trademarks cannot be registered if the mark is descriptive of the goods or services being applied for, absent secondary considerations of customer association.  Also, trademarks cannot be registered if the mark is confusingly similar for related goods and services when compared to another registered trademark.

When filing a trademark application, our professionals search the records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the international WIPO database to determine whether existing trademarks may create obstacles to your product or service name before product launch.

Our experienced professionals have years of in-house and firm-related experience applying and prosecuting trademark applications. In order to have valuable trademark coverage, the trademark attorney must understand your business goals and, for high technology related products, understand the underlying technology in order to properly prepare the goods and services description.  In fact, our professionals have filed several hundred trademark applications in the United States and abroad.  Justin Nifong served on the steering committee for the establishment of the Certificate in Trademark Law for the NC Bar in order for the North Carolina bar to identify those that can certify as a trademark attorney through specialization.  Ashley Johnson served as in-house trademark attorney and managed the trademark portfolio for a leading packaging company in the Southeast.

NK Patent Law attorneys can offer counsel on how your marks should be used in commerce in association with your goods and service to ensure protection by properly marking your product with your trademark designation.